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eleone Wellness

Hair & Skin Gummies

Hair & Skin Gummies

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10000 mcg BIOTIN GUMMIES FOR HAIR GROWTH & NAILS HEALTH: eleone wellness Hair & Skin Gummies contain 10,000 mcg biotin (from Sesbania Grandiflora) & Hyaluronic acid, zinc that helps with hair health, skin health & nails strength

 HAIR & SKIN GUMMIES FOR STRONG HAIR: eleone wellness Hair & Skin Gummies promote strengthening of Hair. Nutrients like Biotin, Zinc, and Multivitamins help in maintaining healthy hair. These superfoods, which are high in Biotin as well as vitamins C, and Zinc and Herbs i.e., Bhringraj, Gudichi & Satavari are ideal hair supplements. Biotin is extremely important for the development of thick, long hair.

SUPPORTS SKIN HEALTH: eleone wellness Hair & Skin Gummies contain Hyaluronic acid with Biotin that helps in healthy skin glow and supports skin hydration and overall skin health. Consuming these Gummies for Skin ensures the better formation of collagen. Collagen in turn promotes skin elasticity, reduces acne marks, and improves blood flow to the skin which eventually helps to delay natural ageing.

DEVELOP STRONGER NAILS: eleone wellness Hair & Skin Gummies can be consumed simply as compared to other Biotin Tablets. Boosts healthy and strong nails and reduces brittleness.

Suitable for 18+ men & women for all skin & hair concerns & hair types

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